The North Aisle Renewal Project

Beginning in late 2015 we have been working to save our north aisle, which had started to come away from the main body of the church. Thanks to a generous grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and our own fundraising efforts we have managed to secure enough money to complete the building works that will keep our aisle standing for centuries to come. This will ensure that the important heritage it holds, including some of York's oldest stained glass, survives too and is available to all our visitors. 

For more detail about the work, please see a note from our church warden: Back from the Brink And please see below for up-to-date progress on the works.

 Our now-not-so-endangered north aisle is on the left




 On the 2nd October cranes lifted in the workmen's cabins and work began.  

The first major repair work is on the roof with the old roof cover and old tiles being removed. Fortunately the main timbers are in pretty good shape!


On November 2nd the first of our precious medieval stained glass came out. 


On the 14th November another window came out. 


26th November. All the windows out - what a difference it makes! 


The work has stopped for Christmas on the 19th November but we are left with a beautifully repaired gable.


April 2018 - new tracery going in!